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best washing machines

Best Washing Machine In India 2020

Washing machines have now become one of the essential needs of urban households. Thanks to the rapid change in technology and the availability of products globally, India now enjoys several brands that manufacture top-of-the-line washing machines catering to different price segments best washing machine in India. There are two types of washing machines – Automatic and Semi-automatic, as the names denote, the former is a wholly automated machine that washes and dries in its single tub while the latter has two tubs wherein one is meant for washing and the other for drying, needing manual work for every single wash cycle and transferring to the dryer.

best washing machines

The fully automatic washing machines are on the higher price range as they scrub the garments gently without damaging the quality of the fabric and need almost zero manual work. We have one single price list for both the types of washing machines from all the brands available in India currently, such as LG, Samsung, IFB, Whirlpool, and more. We update our price list regularly so that you can take advantage of price drops and offers.

LG 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

LG is one of the most trusted household brands in India due to its wide after-sales service network and its quality that never fails your expectations. The stainless steel drum can spin with max 1000 RPM speed which is sufficient for a good wash. It also has a six Motion Direct Drive technology which moves the drum in 6 different ways gives a superior cleaning performance.

It comes with the latest Inverter Direct Drive technology which has its motor directly attached to the drums causing less friction, less vibration and noise. The Baby Care programme effectively washes the mud or poop stains out and keeps germs, bacteria, detergent off the delicate skin of your baby.

It also has other optional programmes such as Crease Care for your expensive suits and shirts, Intensive care for heavily soiled clothes and a Fuzzy logic that checks the amount of dirt and soil, soap and water and adjusts spin cycles with time. Water temperature can also be set from cold to 95 degrees C. This is enough to remove any kind of stains or bad odour from the tub!

The machine is also equipped with a Smart Diagnosis system that lets you detect any dysfunction in your machine by simply connecting it to the SmartThinQ app.

Other Notable Features Include

  • Foolproof Waterproof: touch the waterproof touch panel with wet hands without any worry
  • Auto-restart: starts the paused wash cycles automatically after power failure
  • Tub clean: water at 85 degree C cleans tub along with the drum
  • Child Lock: disables the control panel

LG comes with some very innovative and useful technologies but again, the capacity and RPM speed is less compared to the previous ones. So it comes 3rd on the list after Bosch and IFB.

With all its futuristic technologies like Inverter DD technology, 6 Motion Direct Drive and Smart diagnosis System it’s suitable for a small modern family with not more than 3 members.

What we like

  • Inverter Direct Drive Technology
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Smart Diagnosis app
  • Baby care and Crease care
  • 2 years warranty on product and 10 years on motor

What we don’t like

  • Repairing is expensive compared to other models
  • The fastest wash cycle is of 30minutes
Mobility Technology Ecosystem

5G Cars And The Mobility Technology Ecosystem

In recent years, the automotive industry has maintained its favourable evolution thanks to unstoppable technological innovation. Recently, Telefónica has implemented 5G technology in Spain. This represents “a level leap towards hyperconnectivity that will change the future of Spain”, as explained by the CEO of Telefónica, José María Álvarez-Pallete.

Mobility Technology Ecosystem

This advance will make Spain the most hyper-connected country on the entire continent thanks to the fibre-optic network together with the new digital infrastructures. 5G technology is expected to be available in all autonomous communities and it is estimated that 75% of the population will have access to this technology before the end of the year.

The arrival of this technology is another step at the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and will be of great help in many sectors, such as the automotive sector, where it can bring great advances.

Many Benefits In The Cars of the Future

The use of this technology in the automotive sector can be of great help for road safety. It must be remembered that there are more than a million traffic accidents a year and 90% of these cases are due to human error.

So, can 5G technology help prevent accidents? Of course and in the not too distant future.

A year ago, Telefonica, together with SEAT and DGT, carried out a project based on connected cars and the Internet of Things (IoT). This initiative consisted of communication between vehicles in real-time to prevent accidents in urban and rural areas. This initiative was a success and with the arrival of 5G, the situation can greatly improve.

Another of the alternatives in mobility is the use of the autonomous car. The arrival of these models will mean a change in infrastructures as they will incorporate elements such as wireless networks and Artificial Intelligence in our roads.

Along these lines, the Telefónica Spain vehicle communications expert, Leticia López Domingo, explained that “connected mobility not only requires users to connect their vehicles but that the infrastructure itself is connected.” In recent months the company has been working on several pilot projects installing sensors and cameras that capture information and transmit it to the car.

Added to all this is its commitment to converting the vehicle into a 100% connected car thanks to Movistar Car, Telefónica’s smart device that allows us to remember where we have parked from until we automatically send alerts if our car breaks down, or recommend us the most optimal routes based on traffic or speed cameras.

These advances can contribute to the reduction of traffic accidents and minimize the congestion and pollution that are two problems that affect today.

Thus, as you can see, 5G technology will integrate elements to prevent, inform and respond to certain conditions that occur on the road. What else can this new connection bring us?

Work Productivity

Video Channels To Improve Work Productivity

In a world where the visual is increasingly important, online platforms, and especially video platforms, have become one of the main informational resources also when looking for work.

Work Productivity

Now, training to grow and acquire new skills is easier than ever thanks to the courses offered by Telefónica through SeguimosConectados or from its Conecta Empleo portal where you can expand your knowledge of digital skills.

And always remember that if you are a Movistar + customer, you can also access the Movistar App of Conecta Empleo to enjoy training content from your television.

A wide range of possibilities that we can complement with other of the main channels on productivity and employment to face this peculiar return to school.

And remember that for this return to work you can use collaborative tools such as Slack, Trello or Microsoft Teams to facilitate communication also from home.

Video Channels On Productivity and Employment

Most of these channels are in English but have subtitles.

The first channel to mention is Tim Ferriss. Tim Ferriss is considered a reference in learning thanks to his books.

So much so, that the media consider him a “superhuman” since he has been able to demonstrate the ability of people to improve in various aspects such as language learning, a very essential element in the world labour.

Another YouTube channel on productivity and employment is Simpletivity. This channel is managed by Scott Friesen and tries to help people to be more effective at work by simplifying the completion of tasks.

It also provides tutorials on the use of a myriad of electronic tools and mobile applications.

Who said that we cannot improve as professionals if we rely on novels? Malkhaz Geldiashvili shows on his YouTube channel several tips from his favourite books to “fight mediocrity through great ideas.”

It has no waste since to make it’s content more enjoyable, it uses animation to attract the public. His channel called FightMediocrity.

Also worth mentioning, Evan Carmichael has more than two million followers and has been active since 2008 gathering advice from the world’s most successful leaders.

Its content is very simple and easy to use since with just over ten tips it can give you enough reasons to succeed in the world of work.

Last but not least is the channel of Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO and founder of VaynerMedia. Gary has a long history of work such as a consultant on Facebook, Uber, Snapchat and an author at the New York Times.

His videos are a series of documentaries showing what a CEO feels and sharing his experiences to reach the top.